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                                                                           PlECES OF THE GAME THE TWIN SOUL




While in the "Crossing", the first stage of the Illuminated Road, the participants played in pairs, alternating themselves in the necessary answers through the self-awareness way, in the game of the twin soul, each participant has to expose himself individually, discussing his interpersonal relationships in an independent way, without the interference of his partner in the first part of the game.


In this stage of the Illuminated Road, each participant will choose 4 cards twice, and will answer. to each of them, a question from each participant. The questions, therefore, aren't pré-established, like in the other stages of the game, having players to make them up, according to the chosen cards and their positions.

 In reality, the game of the twin soul is not competitive, but yes a necessary way to the third stage of the game - Jacob's Ladder - were the players will go back to the competitive dispute alone, individually. The game of the twin soul serves for the participant to reflect about his relationships and affective ties before facing alone the last stage of  the illuminated road. Let's see an example. So and so chooses the following relationship: the king of spades in the Sorcerer; the king of Diamonds in the Female Pope, the Knight of hearts in the Empress and the Page of diamonds in the Emperor.

First round: The first participant would ask hour his relationship with his father was, the second if he considers his father authoritarian, the third how his relationship with his children is etc. All of them are emphasizing the image of the king of spades in the archetype of the Father. After each one asking about each of the 4 fundamental archetypes -- that is, in our example, three more rounds of questions: one about a paradoxical relationship between the image of the king of diamonds and the archetype of the Mother, another about the subservience and affective dependence of the Other Sex (page of hearts in the empress) --  a very clear picture and his/her interpersonal relationships will be defined. It is important to keep sight of the whole play. In the example, we can deduce that the fact of two superior archetypes being kings, characterizes authoritarian fathers, being the paternal aspect a political and mental tyranny and the maternal aspect an economical and corporal one. As a reaction to this, the two inferior archetype are pages and represent the participants' incapability and insecurity.

Second round: Following the principle that shouldn't only present a situation but also propose its change, each participant will have the right to a second turn and a new round of questions, this time aiming to present an alternative vision of the first game. This way, let's say that the same so and so of our example shuffles the cards again: in his second round, he gets the Lady of Hearts in the Sorcerer, where he before had the king of Spades. This can be interpreted like a necessity of development of a more affects and sentimental relationship with the paternal aspect, through questions like: "what do you feel for your father?", "do you think your father likes you?", or " "have you ever tried to observe the paternal feeling in others?". The same should happen to the other fundamental archetypes (the Mother, the Other Sex and the Ego).

As we've said, the Page of Hearts in the Empress shows us an emotionally dependent person upon his/her partner and/or the necessity to relate with emotionally subservient people. In the case of the Page of diamonds in the Emperor should mean a positive reading. In the game of the twin soul there are 4 perfect relationships that represent an idea archetypal arrangement:

The King of clubs in the Sorcerer
The Lady of hearts in the Female Pope
The Knight of spades in the Empress
The Page of diamonds in the Emperor

When any or more than any one of these relationships appear in the game, the participant won't need to answer or get a second card for that aspect. In our example, the player would only answer about the aspects of the Father, the Mother and the other Sex, and would only get three cards in the second round, because the Page of diamonds in the Emperor denotes humility and application of Ego in relation to the professional life. We can say that the fact of  one having authoritarian parents resulted in an obedient employee or that his/her ego was forced, by successive humiliation, to recognize his/her limits in a realistic way.

Summary: Let's review, then, all the stages of the game. Let's say that  4  people are participating, the first player gets 4 cards. There is a first round of questions, where the other 3 participants question the player about the card referring to the archetype of the Father. After that, the participants question in relation to the cards referring to the other archetypes, taking one relationship at a time. This stage finished, we go on to a second moment, where the same player will get new card for the four archetypes and will be again questioned by the participants. This time, however, the objective of these questions will be of searching for a more harmonious relationship with 4 fundamental archetypes or of searching for solutions to the relationships presented in the first round.

After all the four participants having being in the spot light and answered the two rounds of questions, the players can go on to the third and last stage of the Illuminated Road -- Jacob's Ladder. In order to orient and to make the elaboration of the words easier, we listed in the following pages the 64 possible combinations between the 4 fundamental archetypes and the 16 figured cards. However, it is necessary to warn that the richness of the symbolic combinations overcomes deeply any pre-determined scheme and that nothing can substitute intuition and creativity of those who seek self-awareness.