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KING OF CLUBS - The partner is temperamental, doesn't accept being annoyed and imposes his/her values to the partner in the relationship.

LADY OF CLUBS - In this case, the other partner is not authoritarian, but yes and capricious, demanding constant attention.

KNIGHT OF CLUBS - We have here an almost perfect relationship, where, however, the partiner's charism overcomes his partners that will always remain under his/her shadow.

PAGE OF CLUBS - The partner is spiritually dependent, he/she needs the partner to feel safe.

KING OF HEARTS - The partner is selfish, self centered and black ailing, represented by this relation, sentimentally controls his/her partner.
LADY OF HEARTS - Here, docility hides some kind of dissimulation, there is a tendency to "virginity" or to different forms of the "Cinderella complex".
KNIGHT OF HEARTS - The partner keeps and appreciates emotional autonomy. She/he doesn't like to the "glued" to the partner and demands freedom and trust.
PAGE OF HEARTS - We have here, the wanting partner, completely affectively dependent on his/her partner.

KING OF SPADES - The partner is paternalist, assumes responsibilities for his/her partner and makes decisions for the couple.
LADY OF SPADES - Here the partner works as a "critical conscience" of his/her partner, thinking for him.
KNIGHT OF SPADES - perfect relationship.
PAGE OF SPADES - The partner thinks and follows whatever his partner thinks.

KING OF DIAMONDS - The partner controls the relationship financially.
LADY OF DIAMONDS - The partner controls the relationship sexually.
KNIGHT OF DIAMONDS - The partner fights for his economical autonomy.
PAGE OF DIAMONDS - The partner depends physically and/or materially on his partner.