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KING OF CLUBS - We also have here an inversion of paternal and maternal roles, however, now is the Mother that performs the masculine tasks from the ethical point of view. It is she who is the spiritual leader of the family.

LADY OF CLUBS - This is what we could derogatorily call "queen", another with the warrior-matriarchal characteristic, she spiritually leads all that she adopts, without performing, however, power in a masculine way, as in the previous card.

KNIGHT OF CLUBS - Executive, feminist, independent -- these are some of the adjectives of this dynamic and youthful mother. Here there can also be competition and jealousy between women.

PAGE OF CLUBS - We have in this relation the idea of the mother spiritually dependent or something or somebody.

KING OF HEARTS - In this inversion, the mother assumes emotional, paternal functions. She is the "man of the house", that establishes the limits and examples before the world, is the center of the familiar feelings.

LADY OF HEARTS - perfect  relationship

KNIGHT OF HEARTS - We have in this association the idea of a very O edipian relationship, or at least full of passionate feelings possessivity and jealousy.

PAGE OF HEARTS - The "wanting-mother" passes insecurity and frivolity, fragility and narcissism.

KING OF SPADES - This relationship suggests to us the idea of the "tyranic-mother", castrator and authoritarian.

LADY OF SPADES - Also known as the "psychologist- mother" due to the fact of administrating her life (and others') in a strictly rational way.

KNIGHT OF SPADES - The "warrior-mother" that one that fights to conquer her objectives.

PAGE OF SPADES - Is the mother that doesn't think nor have own ideas, that depends on others to make decisions.

KING OF DIAMONDS - Here, is the mother who supports the family from the material point of view, or at least who is in charge of the money.

LADY OF DIAMONDS - We have, in this association, an almost perfect relationship, however it is centered in the material life. We can call her "the cook" or the "keeper" due to her qualities of domestic administration.

KNIGHT OF DIAMONDS - This relationship represents conflict or breaking up with the mother.

PAGE OF DIAMONDS - The idea here represented is of the mother materially debilitated, ill or in financial difficulties.