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KING OF CLUBS - perfect relationship

LADY OF CLUBS - the fact of the image of the lady occupying the square of the paternal archetype denotes a changing in roles, where the father develops maternal functions, principally in the ethical and moral field.

KNIGHT OF CLUBS - Here we have the "hero-Father", that one which ethical behavior selves as an example

PAGE OF CLUBS - We have here a weak and fragile father from the spiritual point of view. In this case, the consultant has an insecure an incapable super-ego.

KING OF HEARTS - The image of the father perfectly identifies itself with the paternal archetype, principally in the affective field, represented by the suit of hearts. It is the case of the "charismatic father", which domain primarity happens in the field of feelings.

LADY OF HEARTS - In this case, as in the Lady of Spades, there is an inversion of maternal and paternal roles. In hearts, however, this inversion is more emotional. We have, then, the Father (excessively) comprehensive and worried, many times dramaticand black malign

KNIGHT OF HEARTS - In relation to woman, we have a "complex of Electra", that is, an inconscient passion for the father. For men,  this relationship can represent competition and jealousy, in both cases, we will have a passional and passionate super-ego.

KING OF SPADES - The "tyranic father" excessively mental and controller, that makes decision for his son, anticipates all situations and doesn't admit that things get out of his control.

LADY OF SPADES - Here, there is also a tyranny of mental control, but is indirect, made of discrete strategies and a distant supervision, as a personal way of pedagogy. It is the "Father-Teacher",  that prioritizes worries with the formation and education.

KNIGHT OF SPADES - We have here a relation of conflict and competition.

PAGE OF SPADES - Here, the person in question is before an intellectually inferior father and a super-ego unable to normalize the psychic development.

KING OF DIAMONDS - It is the "Father-Boss", the one that administrates your relationship putting the ethical emotional and intellectual aspects in a second plan in relation to the economical factor.

LADY OF DIAMONDS - In this inversion, we have the "consumerist-father", that seeks to punish or award material stimuli.

KNIGHT OF DIAMONDS - We have in this relation the idea of a healthy, sportive or professional rivalry. It is the athletic or worker father.

PAGE OF DIAMONDS - There is here the idea of poverty or illness. We have a materially debilitated father.