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KING OF CLUBS - He/she is the "owner of the world", who imposes his/her values to the world and doesn't accept annoyances.

LADY OF CLUBS - Spoiled ego with problems to adapt to difficult situations.

KNIGHT OF CLUBS - A fighter ego, that loves to compete, principally in the moral and ethical field.

PAGE OF CLUBS - Simply ego, spiritualized and very intuitive. We can refer to a sensitive or medium ego.

KING OF HEARTS - Emotionally dictator ego that imposes his feelings on others.

LADY OF HEARTS - "Virgin-ego” that waits to be conquered by a hero, generally his/her partner.

KNIGHT OF HEARTS - Here, there is also a fighter ego, but principally in the affective field, when he/she fights for autonomy before the other.

PAGE OF HEARTS - Servant ego, that sacrifices his feelings in detriment of the others. It is the ego that self realizes, helping.

KING OF SPADES - Mental and authoritarian ego that imposes his will and decisions in an unilateral way.

LADY OF SPADES - Reflexive and psychoanalystal ego that spends his time rationalizing his/her life and the life of others.

KNIGHT OF SPADES- A fighter ego that fights to have his own way and that defends his/her point of view.

PAGE OF SPADES - Intellectual ego, that one that considers himself a vehicle of his own ideas, working to realize them.

KING OF DIAMONDS - A manager ego, that one that believes in controlling others through administrating their lives.

LADY OF DIAMONDS - A seductive ego, that one that believes in controlling others through his instincts.

KNIGHT OF DIAMONDS - A self-sufficient ego, that one that believes that he/she doesn't need anybody, neither physically nor materially.

PAGE OF DIAMONDS - perfect relationship.