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Question - What role does the spiritual reality play in your life?

In the suit of Diamonds we study of the relationships of the self with the body and with other objects in the material field. We observe the relationships of the self with the ego, or animus, and its development in the mind area and thought in the suit of spades. In the suit of hearts, we see the self-relationships with the other sex, the anima, in its diverse affective and emotional situations. The suit of clubs expresses the relations of the self with death and discusses the existence and the spirit in its nuances and impasses. Here, the protagonist (the self) has as a mission to conquer illumination, spiritual conscience, and for this must face diverse iniciatic tests, through the acquired qualities in the other suits and their intuitive faculties. The unity of the creative imagination is intuition. It's intuition that transmits and solves the problems found in this suit, that orientates the hero in search for the interior light.

the mission

Question - What's your biggest challenge?

Reflecting on the origins and karma, we can understand destiny itself of "the mission". In this card, the intuitive force of the Ace duplicates and imagination transforms itself into something concrete, an adventure to be realized or challenge to be won.  Here the self sees its goal: the interior light. There is also the idea of the end of a learning and the beginning of a new unknown way, of a special ability or yet, as prepared by Waite and Crowley, of a "domain".

illusion, mistake

Question - What has been your biggest  illusion? Where an when do you more frequently make mistakes? In which points are you a little realistic?

It seems to go according to planned, the right contacts appear as enchantment and the preliminary sketches seem accordingly, however, many difficulties are hidden,  watching. In the initial phase of a creative work, or of a mission, everything seems to match like magic, but this evidence that everything will be ok hides the real difficulties of the work. Because of this, this transitory advantage is an illusion, a mistake. The conquering of the interior light isn't easy, to see it in a simplified way is a trap that causes a brief enthusiasm and a profound posterior frustration.

the allies

Question - With whom can you count on for the realization of your dreams and personal projects?

In order for one to be able to carry on with a mission, it is now  the time to organize his/her own forces, structuring everything in a way that the project be realized. In this phase, the allies appear -- those that somehow "are in the same boat", (in the same situation). This adhesion happens, principally, through spiritual empathy, an unconscient affinity that everybody has with the project and its executor. Many times, however, the participants keep different optic and own postures averaging among themselves. Thus, there is also the trouble to administrate this situation: view allies that don't share the same point of view and that are fundamental to conquer the interior light.

fighting evil

Question - What's evil? What are the principal problems of your spiritual evolution? What is , in your opinion the worst sin?

In this point the self directly forces his/her aloofness from material reality and from his/her instinctive tendencies to reach spiritual conscience. The problem of not accommodating to the practical limitations of life, to the regressive inertia of each one,  is the biggest challenge for those who wish to express the power of his/her imagination over everyday life. There is an enormous resistance to changes, spread in an avalanche of small concrete problems, justified by the fear of failure an apathy. To get to the interior light the self must fight evil, that is, all the resistences to the spiritual evolution in its infinite ways.


Question - What do you consider to be "the glory"? What is the situation of maximum acknowledgement and victory that you desire?

Victory is conquered when the hero reaches his goal and the objective of his mission is realized -- the self meets the interior light through conscience. With victory, however, comes also glory. acclamation and acknowledgement from everybody, there is, therefore, the danger of one getting drunk with so much prestige and losing humility, transforming a momentaneous victory in a significant defeat.


Question - How would you react to your son's edipian impulses (or of your collaborator), if he want to take your position?

Glory always generates anger and envy. Sustaining power is many times, more difficult than its conquest. This card shows us a situation where, after having conquered his objective (to reach the interior light), the hero (the self) faces a rebellion of allies (sensation, through feeling). There is here the idea of competition and loss of control of the situation. The Seven of Clubs is, in reality, a big test of our self-trust.


Question - In which aspects does your life seem to be easier? Do you consider yourself a lucky person? Why?

This cards suggests a period of action after a long wait and lots of fights. It can also indicate a trip or even the "last stretch" of a project, in the moment when its realization is developed after a lot of anxiety and tension. Here, the self, very confidently and sure of his spiritual conscience, begins its trip back, taking the interior light to his partners. The safety and fluency of its performance comes from trust and its clearness that illuminates all.

the last test

Question - Give an example of a situation in your life that after having overcome the biggest difficulties you have been defeated by details in the last moment.

After the maximum point of exhaustion one more challenge arises to impede that we reach our goal: restitute interior light to its true place of origin -- the imanifest. All this stage, all possibilities used up and besides tiredness, we find a power that we didn't  know we had. And we react. The danger here is, as in the popular saying, "swim, swim and die ashore".


Question - Narrate a situation in which the responsibilities that you assumed were above your capacity.

This card points to the fact that one is overworked and oppressed because he assumed more responsibilities that he could take. The intuition can't stand being contained in heavy and structured ways where the interior light criticizes itself. Tediousness and depression almost always follow the end of the creative work, because its concretization imprisons its initial energy, and doesn't allow that the creative spirit expresses itself freely. For authors with more iniciatic than divinatory worries, like Mebes, this card means the initiation and definite conquest of the self and its reintregation in the absolute imanifest, with eternity, with endlessness...