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the material unity

Question - What's your biggest treasure?

The unity of the physical universe of bodies and objects that we perceive through the senses is an abstraction -- and not a concrete fact as believed by the majority of people. This "idea" that tries to centralize many sensorial realities in one single group, is not made evident. The material unity is exterior to reality that organizes, so it is associated to the alchemic gold and to phylosophal stone. A good example of this archetype is the Marxist notion of economic infrastructure, "the concrete base over which the cultural and political life arises", or still "the group of human needs forming a physical support to the historical happenings", economy as a mediator between culture and nature.

physical polarity

Question - Do you like your work? Why?

This card indicates that matter divided itself into 2 extremes, a fixed one and a cynetic one, and, therefore, got into a process of constant movement and transformation. The opposite poles generate an activity, a work, a production, a cycle of changing and growing etc.


tyranny realization

Question - What is success for you? Are you a recognized, very successful person? Have you ever been? Do you think you'll ever be?

If we take the Ace of Diamonds as a body and the Two of Diamonds as this same body in moviment, we can say that the Tree of Diamonds represents the results produced and conquered from this activity. Thus: momentaneous profit, initial accumulation of energy or work, political or commercial credit, professional or public recognition for the work done -- are some all the meanings attributed to this card. It indicates the realization of good job or joust retribution for the efforts made.

economical rationalization

Question - Confess something and somebody that you envy. Explain what envy means to you and tell us when the last time you envied somebody was.

There is, in this card, the idea of the market capitalist logic, aiming conservation and amplification of the material field. If, in a positive side, it shows a competitive posture, that seeks even better performances, on the other hand, it means a deep emotional identity with the results of one’s own work and difficulty to let these results go and change them. Thus, it is attributed to this card the senses of greed, cupidity, usury, cheapskatedness, attachment to matter and its evil logic, danger of thefts, threats in order not to get to hold the place that one has, lack of trust etc. The competition for the body is fundamental, specially, for the self-awareness. Without it, it would be impossible to identify the deficient and of less important points.  However, in the majority of times this card is seen only as envy and not as a constructive analogy.

deficit, loss

Question - When was the last time you were robbed? What lesson did you learn from this experience?

Here, in consequence of the previous stage we have a forced action of one breaking up the physical plan: material loss, deficit, illness, treason etc. The emotional identification with body or with other objects is drastically broken. However, "there are bad things that result in good things!" If the material loss or illnesses are considered negative from a merely physical point of view, they can represent a spiritual advance in a way of not identifying themselves so much with the material plan and being less selfish.

investment, aid

Questions - What was the situation in your life when you most needed help? Are you used to asking for help when needed?

We have now the idea of the physical recuperation of a body and its assets through help, aid and incentive. Not only learning to receive generosity from others, but mainly knowing how to offer yourself your own kindness. Besides the idea of external help, the card also takes us to the offering images, a promise of devotion and thanks for the wishes that came true. But the central meaning of the card is of an interior investment, of a self-forgiveness to restart the activities related to the matter. In order for a body to heal from a disease it should understand its own way of functioning and help itself.

the decision

Question - What has been the biggest decision of your life? What has change and what would have happened if it hadn't been made?

This card translates a moment of a very difficult decision. The situation arises from the doubt about us continuing to develop everything that we built so far, or keeping our efforts and energy for a new object. We are forced to choose between material security, the uncertain and the undefined possibilities of a new way that can, or not, conduct us to success in the future. Any option will represent serious and dangerous consequences. From the corporal point of view the Seven of Diamonds suggests a change in habits, an unconditioning of the body and its routine of maintenance. Here, the inertia of material security also breaks the uncertain way of renovation.


Question - Is there anything you can realize with a degree of perfection above average, something in which you are a specialist?

The basic idea of this card is of  "know-how",  of learning new methods and techniques. From the economical point of view, it is the "know-how", the value of specialized information Divinatory, this card denotes prudence, hability, excess of care with little things in detriment to a major situation.



Question - What is missing for you to stabilize your material situation?

Material self-sufficiency implies in overcoming all the "necessities". Autonomy and material realization in the long run, that's why they bring pleasure, not only of taking pleasure of the accumulated will, but, principally, of feeling one's own capacity rewarded.



Question - What are the difficulties produced by wealth? Which one do you consider the worst?

The true wealth doesn't consist in a quantitative accumulation, but yes in the plurality of forms, in the material diversity and quality. This card suggests the idea of a multi faced totality a "self" with many bodies. Some authors identity this card with the idea of assets, will, fortune. Others emphasize the idea of a contribution whose value and importance will overcome its author's own life. It is the notion of patrimony. The Ten of Diamonds corresponds to the Ace of Spades, representing the equivalence between the diversity of material forms with a super structural or mental unity.