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The Hermit is a symbol of solitary knowledge and wisdom. He incarnates time and represents accumulated experience and the adaptation to different stages of the development of the biopsychic clock: childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age. It is the card of I-alone, it evokes feelings of solitude, importance, and bad humor, isolation and difficulty to accept novelties.



Multiple choice questions:

1) Which do you prefer:

a) to be blind     b) to be deaf     c) to be paralytic

2) Do you want to live longer than your children do ? (explain)

a) yes     b) no

3) How long would you be able to stand being alone in the world?

a) a few weeks     b) a year     c) a few days

Dissertation questions:

4) Do you accept the advice and experience of old people? Give an example.

5) When do you feel the necessity to be alone?