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Justice doesn't judge or condemn, it only corrects. It is she demanding and rigor of perfection. Negatively lived, it is a blame or vengeance, or as remorse or revenge. Justice also appears as a necessity of esteem, recognition and compensation, as retribution of the merits reached. Positively, justice manifests itself through understanding and rescue of past mistakes lived as a task or mission - karma.


Multiple choice questions:

1) You run over an animal without anybody seeing.

a) you stop and help     b) look for the owner     c) drive away

2) Would you sacrifice an innocent person to end the world's hunger?

a) yes, it would be worth it     b) no (explain)

3)Your son has been killed. The defendant has been cleared. You...

a) revenge, taking the law into your own hands
b) don't do anything, but continue unconformed
c) try hard to forget the episode and forgive the person

Dissertation questions:

4) In what area your life do you feel the necessity to be recognized?

5) on what occasions do feelings of guilt overcome you?