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The enchanted shows a situation of indecision and doubt, created from the process of freedom. Here, the options are so many that we get confused and we are paralyzed by a profusion of possibilities. This is how the adolescent love is: inconstant and free, immature and free of charge. The impasse represented by the card happens between the heart and sex, between the feeling and pleasure. The young are divided and donít know whom to choose: the Female Pope or the Empress, the Mother or the Wife.

Due to this indecision and immaturity, the pilgrim of the Crossing that falls in this square, meets the second serpent, and returns to the Hermit square, when he will be forced to mature.


Multiple choice questions:

1) Do you abandon everything for a great love?

a) yes     b) no

2) Your mother has a lover. Do you tell your father?

a) yes     b) no

3) Most of the time, how do you make decisions?

a) impulsively     b) too late

Dissertation questions:

4) For you, what is liberty? Are you a free person?

5) At what age did you have your first sexual experience? How was it?