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The Pope represents a cultural tradition and its iniciator. An ethical orthodoxy, a patterned behavior, a group of habits and values to be ritualized, the dogmas. The Pope suggests that there is an order, a rule and a rhythm, he is the conscience of repetition, the responsibility. The negative side of the pope symbolizes our rigid, sectarian and "square" posture.


Multiple choice questions:

1) Are you for or against abortion? Why?

a) against    b) for     c) legally for and personally against

2) Would you accept that your son follow a religion different from yours?

a) yes     b) no

3) Who do you consider yourself responsible for?

a) yourself     b) your family     c) the whole world

Dissertation questions:

4) What law would you like to seein vigor? Anything goes.

5) Who would you take as a role model?