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It is the projection of the female, as a wife, daughter, woman or as nature. It represents beauty, the capacity to interconnect the spirit to the matter, the domain of the female power, more flexible and based in instincts and feelings. Is it is intimately associated to self-image, this archetype can also be represented by the image of a mirror.



Multiple choice questions:

1) How many times a day does you look at yourself in the mirror?

b) more than 10 times       c) less than 5 time a day

2) Would you accept to be an ugly person to live more and better?

a) yes     b) no

3) If you were born again, would you like to change sex? Why?

a) yes     b) no

Dissertation questions:

4) Which do you like best, to stay home or to go out?

5) Do you do things that you don't like just to please others? Give an example.