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We use to think about the world as something exterior, "objective" and common to everybody. However, in reality, everyone has his own world. A world, that in some tarots is called "the universe", it is a projection of totality, people's mental universe, their limits of vision and realization.


Multiple choice questions:

1) Choose:

a) leave the country for good
b) live always in the same place
c) spend your life traveling

2)Which is better?

a) to live in democracy with incompetent and dishonest leaders
b) to live in a ditactorship with skillful and well meaning leaders

3) In trio third millenium, the world will be:

a) better   b) worse
c) the same thing as today

Dissertation question

4) What is the best thing how have ever done and what is the best thing that you intend to do?

5) What questions are so private that nobody talks about them?