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The Crazy Man always alienates himself from reality to see from outside. In this way, he is a negation of the archetype of the world because while the world is steady and static, putting everything together in frame, the Crazy Man is incessantly fluid, never getting attached to anything like a traveler of the eternal passing of a pilgrim that lives the archetypes without identifying himself with none of them in particular.


Multiple choice questions:

1) What do you prefer?

a) to be happy, with little intelligence and without imagination
b) to be happy, intelligent and creative

2) Is there anything so serious that we shouldn't joke about?

a) no, everything in this world is acceptable if a good joke is done in good taste
b) there are many subjects that we shouldn't joke about
c) only other's feelings shouldn't be joked about

3) How far can a person mock you when you do something ridiculous?

a) you don't mind, quite the contrary, you like to be a clown
b) you pretend not to be bothered and take everything quietly
c) you don't like it and react angrily

Dissertation questions:

4) What was the most embarrassing situation that you have experienced?

5) Is there anything that you've been dreaming of doing for a long time? Why haven't you done it yet?