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The judgement is always an analogy between the world and its madness, a comparison between a static picture and the fluid movement, which is eternally against its framing. It represents values, judgement criteria, be it moral judgement or as comprehension, like a positive evaluation of a situation that needs to be understood.



Multiple choice questions:

1) If you knew that would a nuclear war would happen in a wheel,

a) you would change your life completely
b) you would continue with your normal routine
c)you would do what you always wanted to do but never had the courage

2) How would you react if you found out that the person you love had an affair with somebody of the same sex?

a) you would accept it
b) you would break up
c) you would be shocked but would continue the relationship

3) Do you judge others through the same patterns that you judge yourself?

a) you have a tendency to be very demanding with yourself and lenient with others
b) you have a tendency to be very demanding with yourself and intransigent with others
c) you are obsessed by equality and judge everything the same way

Dissertation questions

4) What are your best quality and your worst defect?

5) With whom would you like to exchange your life?