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The sun gives light, warmth and life. It gives it to everyone without concern, not expecting anything in return. So, the principal moral and psychological characteristic attributed to this archetype is generosity present in fraternal friendships.

And whoever knows about experience and generosity, symbolized by the aster-king, avoids experiences of sensibility (the Moon), illusion (the Star), Crisis (the Tower), Passions (the Devil), Equilibrium (temperance), Death and Pain (the hangman), being directly transported to the square of the Power, due to the conquering of the first spade.


Multiple choice questions:

1) What means the most to you in a relationship?

a) friendship and respect     b) comprehension and patience     c) trust and loyalty

2) Do you agree in never seeing your best friend again in exchange for one million dollars?

a) yes       b) no

3) How do you react when people forget to thank you for a favor?

a) you get upset     b) you don't mind      c) you get upset but don't let people know

Dissertation questions:

4) How many of your friendships lasted more than 10 years? Among your recent friends which ones do you think will be important in 10 years?

5) What makes you happy?