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The Moon is a symbol of receptivity. While the Sun gives, the Moon receives. And to receive can either mean sensibility or dependency; vice, lack of autonomy, wanting and even mediunity -- according to the contest. But in all these cases, the Moon represents the more open and vulnerable side to various influences.


Multiple choice questions:

1) In which aspect do you consider yourself more dependent than others?

a) material   b) affective    c) intellectual    d) spiritual

2) What is your greatest desire? What is your greatest necessity?

a) money     b) to be recognized      c) adventure     d) to be loved

3) You...

a) are offended easily     b) get emotional easily     c) vary seldom get emotional

Dissertation questions:

4) In what moment of your life did you most need help?

5) What was your most significant dream? And your nightmare?