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The Star symbolizes hope, in its positive sense (faith, certainly, trust) and also in its negative way (illusion, a deceiving desire). The Star represents still the emotional nucleus of people, the pure feeling and the effective processes.


Multiple choice questions:

1) In what do you place your biggest hope?

a) in your work     b) in your spouse     c) in your children      d) in yourself

2) Do you think your childhood was happier than everybody else’s was ?

a) yes, I was privileged     b) no      c) I had a normal childhood

3) If you could foresee the future, what would you ask about?

a) you and your family's health     b) about the possibility of a great love
c) about your professional life

Dissertation questions:

4) What is your best memory?

5) Can we trust in what you said you'll do? How long does it take you to trust a person?