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The Tower tells us about a crisis situation, where all the bricks of our castles of ideas fall to the ground. That is, on one side if we didn't live the rupture of conditioning, we'd continue being prisoners of our conceptions, dreams and fantasies. On the other hand, there is nobody who doesn't cry over the falling of the stones, because even being positive, crisis and deceptions are always painful.



Multiple choice questions:

1) Do you think the world would be better if we all spoke the same language?

a) yes     b) no     c) it would make no difference, the world would be the same

2) What is the greatest deception of your life? Tell us about it.

a) love     b) professional     c) with your friends

3) Do you control your life?

a) you're a dreamer of your destiny      b) you're a leaf in the wind
c) you fight to, one day, control your life (justify)

Dissertation questions:

4) Give an example on how to face a crisis positively

5) After your adolescence, in what period of your life did you go through interior change?