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The Devil represents excessive sexuality, the practice of bad, and rebellion before the divine one. But, from a psychological point of view, this archetype means "the opposer" and can be associated to the idea of an enemy -- a person that incorporates our own defects and incarnates our negative projection, our shadow.


Multiple choice questions:

1) With how many people have you had sexual relationships?

a) many     b) la few     c) very few

2) How do you treat people who consider themselves your enemies?

a) treat them the same way       b) treat them twice as bad
c) defend yourself trying to neutralize them       d) forgive and forget

3) How do you react when you hate someone?

a) take a while to understand and forgive         b) easily forget

Dissertation questions:

4) When was the last time you shouted at someone? Why? And alter? 

5) What revolts you most ? How do you react?