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Peace, harmony and the balance between opposite poles characterize the positive aspect of temperance; while laziness, conformity, indolence and proceeding tiredness from the excess of protection are its negative aspects. So, this archetype suggests a paralyzing inertia just as much as a frugal life and the contact with its "guide" or with the guardian angel.



Multiple choice question:

1) In your work or activity, you...

a) is a perfectionist     b) do only what is necessary
c) the quality of work oscillates depending on your humor

2) On average, you are:

a) a calm person     b) a tense person     c) a very tense person

3) Your daily tasks are...

a) stimulating     b) monotonous     c) intolerable

Dissertation questions:

4) In what do you consider yourself exaggerated?

5) What calms you most?