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Death unites the biological degeneration of organic material to eternal revitalization of the spirit. It is the "path", the change, and the transformation of an existing situation, the point in which you work the end of a period and the beginning of another.


Multiple choice questions:

1) Your father is going to die and he is suffering a lot. He begs you to hurry his death. You:

a) do as he asks       b) pay someone to kill him
c) pretend you don't understand

2) Whose death would shock you most?

a) your parents     b) your children     c) your spouse
d) another person you know

3) He-she only has one year of life. You know you can live a great love. What to do?

a) you accept the situation and embrace the relationship
b) you don't risk it and avoid that sentiments deepen

Dissertation questions:

4) If you could choose your way of death, how would it be?

5) If you were going to die tonight, what would you most lament not having said to someone? Why didn't you say it?