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If a person doesn't adapt to life, life will adapt to the person through many painful and embarrassing situations. That's how we learn how to be useful. There is always the possibility of adapting to painful and uncomfortable conditions because if you don't do so, you may suffer even more. This is the sacred rite of absolute giving where the being makes an offer of himself to God. This is the proof of humility and renouncement.

Upon falling in this square, the participants of the Crossing, being forced by the first serpent, go back to the square of the Moon, where she-he should learn again the sensibility lesson.


Multiple choice questions:

1) Is it easy for you to accept help when needed?

a) yes     b) no

2) You other half had an affair with another person. Do you want him-he to tell you? If it are you would you tell him-her?

a) yes and yes     b) yes and no     c) no and yes     d) no and no

3)How do you react to suffering?

a) sadly       b) cynically       c ) indifferently

Dissertation questions:

4) What is the biggest humiliation that you have ever experienced?

5) What situation do you consider to be the most difficult accept?