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This is the power paradox: generally we waste energy trying to save it. Only by developing the quality of firmness, being a vehicle that canalizes energy without interferences, can we harmonize this relationship between the spirit (the woman) and the matter (the lion), between the Superior Self and the body, between thought and instinct.



Multiple choice questions:

1) Evaluate your physical power:

a) 10   b) 0   c) 7.5   d) 2.5

2) What do you most easily cope with?

a) hunger and thirst     b) tiredness     c) pain     d) lack of sex

3) When you don't like something, generally you...

a) speak out       b) get out       c) take it in silence

Dissertation questions:

4) In life are you more to defend or to attack?

5) For you, is it easy to be courageous, why?