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Due to its circular form this symbol was many times compared to a wheel to direct our destiny. It expresses the idea of a game of life, of a decimal repetition cycle, of the unity of diversity. But above all, the wheel of fortune represents a group of existing possibilities during our lives, the dharma. 

Falling in this square, the traveler of the crossing finds a second spade and goes straight to the Emperor Square.


Multiple choice questions:

1) What would you choose:


a) To be a successful professional and have a tolerable life
b) To have an extremely personal life and be an ordinary professional

2) If you could wake up tomorrow a new  quality or skill that you don't have today, which one would you choose?


a) to be more intelligent
b) to be more beautiful
c) to be stronger

3) In a game you have 50% of a chance to win and, if you do so, you will receive 10 times what you bet. How much of what you have now would you be willing to bet?


a) everything
b) half
c) only 10%

Dissertation questions:

4) What is the most precious thing in you life?


5) What would you do if you were richer than you are now?