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God's will, the unity of everything, the creative capacity are some of the Uranian ideas that correspond to the archetype of the Father. However, its negative side is always powerful.

When the ego identifies itself with the self, the preposterousness of Luciferís pride permits a "fall", taking the traveler back to the Devil square due to the influence of the third serpent.


Multiple choice questions:

1) In which degree do you believe you can influence the people with whom you live?

a) well enough, you are the leader of the group
b) nobody listens to what you say
c ) your influence is greater at work than with family and friends

2) Your father is (was):

a) overprotective
b) negligent
c) a great friend
d) dictatorial

3) In what do you consider yourself capable?

a) in physical activities
b) intellectual activities
c) artistic activities

Dissertation questions:

4) What type of artist would you like to be?

5) What is the most in arrogance?